Dating extreme in neediness relationship

An old boyfriend may think you were clingy, while a new boyfriend may think you’re too distant! First of all, a clingy girlfriend isn’t a bad girlfriend. [Read: 10 perfect traits of a good girlfriend] Clingy lovers are lovers who don’t feel appreciated or loved in a relationship.This lack of love turns into insecurity, which can eventually turn into a plea for attention and love.Everything was great, right until the honeymoon phase ended and the comfort stage began. I felt as if I could have become a Victoria's Secret model or the next Mark Zuckerberg and he still wouldn't have cared.My first love happened to be my first relationship, and for me, the end of the honeymoon phase sent me into fight or flight mode. So, like anyone who suffers anxiety and is trying to make a relationship work, I took it upon myself to go seek professional help for an hour at my college's mental health clinic.Well, it all depends on your perspective of love and what you expect out of it.

He or she is the person you tell people about years after it's over because when you look back, you see how much you learned.

We tell each other “I love you” in every conversation but for me emails, phone calls, etc– aren’t enough anymore.

It hurts when I tell him I miss him and he tells me to live in the moment and enjoy what we have.

My question to you is how do I slow down, stop acting emotionally and physically needy? I sense him pulling away and I don’t want to push him away further. Yangki’s Answer: It’s perfectly natural to want to be with someone you’re in love with.

What is unnatural and unhealthy is wanting to spend every spare moment with that special person or feeling and acting like life is not worth living without him/her.

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