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"I'm just hoping it's not this windy next week," the 29-year-old is saying in a stoned, barely-conscious monotone that jars with his precarious position.

"Because if it is, I'm going to be fighting for my life." He is referring to the moment, at 5pm UK time today, when he will climb to the top of a 90-foot pillar in Bryant Park, in midtown Manhattan.

It doesn't look terribly stable, and it would take a particularly fierce blaze to make stepping on to the iron platform a remotely sane thing to do.

Right now, though, David Blaine, the illusionist turned purveyor of telegenic feats of endurance, is posing for photographs not on the platform but on the two-inch thick railing that is there to stop people falling off the platform.

Fortunately, selling this Greenwich Village place will likely be a tad easier than living in ice or water for days on end.

Today magician and stuntman David Blaine embarks on his latest trick.

Which is why no one here today wants to be the one to tell Blaine he can't gamble with his own money. I was really excited," Blaine mutters, a fat roll of fifties clasped tightly in his hand, when the intricacies of the British gaming laws are explained to him. I went to the Hard Rock Casino for the opening with Jay Z and Wycliffe. But somehow I started with 0 and got it up to ,000. So they wrote about it and I never got to play in any US casino after that. I thought tonight I was going to make me some cash." We compromise on a theoretical £2,000 stake and a gentleman's agreement that no cash will change hands, win or lose.But now, the illusionist has opted to part ways with the charming little co-op (or is it all an…illusion?), which comes complete with a wood-burning fireplace, listing it with Douglas Elliman brokers Raphael De Niro, Maggie Leigh Marshall, and Evangelos Karras, at .27 million.Steve Hobbs joins him in a top London casino David Blaine has vanished into thin air. In our gilt-edged, private gambler's haven, the croupiers, still woozy from last night's late finish, are staring blankly at their watches and becoming restless around the baize blackjack table. Because, despite this room being full of professional cynics (one journalist plus a phalanx of people who get paid to take money from gullible punters), we all want to see Blaine beat the odds.Which, to be honest, is exactly the kind of thing we had been hoping for this afternoon at London's exclusive 50 St James casino. This was to be our big test for the star street magician who, single-handedly, wrested magic back from leather-trousered David Copperfield and his ilk and made card tricks exciting again. Especially in a controlled environment like this, where he can't touch the cards or alter the random outcome of the croupiers' deal. This is a working casino, and even if the British gaming laws don't make it illegal for anyone to play here without a minimum 24-hours' prior membership, the owners don't want to risk this flash American card sharp coming in and using his special powers to clean up for real.

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