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To maintain this consistency, some abbreviations are not direct initials; for example CTE is used for "Central Expressway" instead of *CE, and NP is used for "Ngee Ann Polytechnic" instead of *NAP.LGBT slang, LGBT speak or gay slang is a set of slang lexicon used predominantly among LGBT people.It has been used in various languages, including English and Japanese since the early 1900s as a means by which members of the LGBT community can identify themselves and speak in code with brevity and speed to other LGBTs.Because of sodomy laws and threat of prosecution due to the criminalization of homosexuality, LGBT slang also serves as an argot, a secret language and a way for the LGBT community to communicate with each other publicly without revealing their sexual orientation to others.The Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka publishes the results of research in all aspects of Science and Technology.

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In modern times, it is commonly associated with the First World War to describe the area of land between two enemy trench systems, which neither side wished to cross or seize due to fear of being attacked by the enemy in the process.

There are efforts to maintain some consistency among the initialisms.

Three letters are used for government institutions (PUB, HDB, CPF, MOH, CWO) and for expressways (AYE, PIE, KJE), while two letters are used for polytechnics (SP, RP).

Scruff launched a Gay Slang Dictionary app in January 2014.

No man's land is land that is unoccupied or is under dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied due to fear or uncertainty.

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