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Things got moving really quickly because of the awesome features they had implemented.

Chaturbate had some unique features that other camsites didn't have at that time. It’s currently the most popular camsite in the United States (currently Alexa rank #259).

All ancient texts warn man than the female seductresses would try to steal his innocence and his purity of character.

Of course, today everyone would laugh at that stereotype, and argue that it is men who are predatory, and women who are going off sex.

I would like to start the chat off with the following statement, and then let you ask questions from there.

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Chaturbate first launched in 2013 with a few models online.It often starts with a relatively harmless behavior such as excessive masturbation while watching porn.Over time, however, it typically leads to other types of sexual activity that may be very risky or blatantly dangerous. Man D: Yes, my domme knows (and controls) my masturbatory habits. Man A: I'll often be reading erotic stories, looking at pictures, watching videos, or imagining scenarios in my head. I don't make a point to mention it, but it's a part of everyone's sexual self-awareness. Man C: We don't keep any running tally or anything, but otherwise yes, my partner is very aware of my masturbation habits, and I am of hers as well.

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