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(244) Aaliyah Foxx (41) Aaliyah Kellie (67) Aaliyah Lovely (235) Aaliyah Lys (52) Aaliyah Sugar (13) Aaliyah Whitte (18) Aaliyah Winston (72) Aaliyha Lee (1) Aalyna Moon (6) Aalyss (63) Aalyssa (3) Aamilea Morgan (11) Aannanicole (6) Aansel & Divinedeea (6) Aariel Red (2) Aaron & Lacey (15) Aaron Oneill (45) Aaron Oneill & Ada... (175) Aaron Wilde & Aaven (18) Aarona (9) Abagail Irish (10) Abbeey Cute & Diego H (36) Abbely (11) Abbey & Maya (51) Abbey Augusta (56) Abbey Brooks (96) Abbey Courtney (25) Abbey Grace (20) Abbey L (56) Abbey Lenart (59) Abbey Lunastar (90) Abbey Marx (28) Abbey Moore (16) Abbey Rhode (169) Abbi Boyle & Xande...(57) Abbi Gailsg (39) Abbie Bell (21) Abbie Cornish (22) Abbie Jayne (1) Abbie Love (14) Abbie Lynn (75) Abbie Marie (349) Abbie Rae (18) Abbie West (12) Abbie Wild (23) Abbie X (26) Abbigail (4) Abby Amazing (25) Abby Babe (14) Abby Bailor (28) Abby Bells (81) Abby Bratinella (1) Abby Cook (128) Abby Cornish (44) Abby Cream (46) Abby E (18) Abby Elliot (30) Abby Fly (27) Abby Honey (139) Abby Mya (11) Abby Ray (15) Abby Roses (21) Abby S (37) Abby Shines (10) Abby Silk (28) Abby Skyler (377) Abby Spice (18) Abby Woods (81) Abby Yeager (23) Abeey & Moebius B (17) Abell (1) Abella Paisa (26) Abella Smith (14) Abellana (2367) Abhi Rana (12) Abie Star (23) Abigail Abedes (30) Abigail Banks (23) Abigail Foxx & Gab...About Me: Umm, lets see, I have too many obsessions to count. H., Teen Titans, Ringer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, HIMYM, F. And pairings I possess an intense dislike for Calebx Elyon (NO! )Mandie XGeorge (Creepy stalker guy, is there much more I can say? LIST YOUR TOP TEN POKEMON CHARACTERS AND ACT AS IF YOU ARE IN THE ANIME1. My current one was Ringer, but it got canceled, crushing my heart so it'll never live again. )Okay is anyone else annoyed by how many guys like Mandie? Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set.This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon.

Just then Maserati walks in, I didn’t even hear her come in cause the vacuum is on, in fact I have no idea how long she has been watching me screw around!

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If you are unable to locate your favorite, you may also use the Bios tab and/or search utilizing the search tool option, located on every Videos page. (40) Aaalyza (8) Aaalyza & Blevo (23) Aalexafox (1) Aaliyah (79) Aaliyah & Alyssah (1) Aaliyah & Angel Wild (1) Aaliyah & Angel Wi... (2) Aaliyah B (11) Aaliyah Black (15) Aaliyah Brooks (22) Aaliyah Cohen (4) Aaliyah Davis (201) Aaliyah Davis & Ad...

S., Supernatural, the Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Mako Mermaids, The 100, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, LOST, Reign, the Gemma Doyle series, Class of the Titans, Arthur, Jane and the Dragon, Ghost Whisperer, Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Cause of Death, Total Drama Island (totally stupid yet strangely addicting), Miraculous Ladybug, Avengers, and pretty much everything DISNEY! I remember when my mom used to buy me the cassettes from Dollar Store XD I still own a Poke Ball and Ash and Pikachu action figure! Also, Buffy and Angel, separately and together, are such powerful and beautiful characters which I must shield from the world and their relationship makes me cry because of its tragedy and hopefulness because she'll Pairings I possess an intense like for Mayx Drew (contestshipping, my first love)Dawnx Paul (ikarishipping, opposites attract)Mistyx Ash (pokeshipping, my all time love)Leafx Gary (Oldrivalshipping, my recent obsession)Harryx Ginny (So cute :3)Ronx Hermoine (Love 'em! Although season 4 really messed them up)Samx Scam (They. perfect.)Zack XLondon (The Suite Life, I know this doesn't really have a lot of fans but they seem to have undeniable chemistry--at least to me)Sammy XCasey (So freaking awesome!

Mandie and Joe--Another huge part of my childhood and shipping life.

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