Verizon updating evdo

Over the air updates are important because they synchronize your phone with the network.If you've ever had an issue where your phone isn't successfully connecting to the network even though you're in a good coverage area, there's a strong chance that an over the air update will get your phone working again.Verizon does NOT have to be your cell phone provider.EVDO is more expensive than most DSL services but less expensive than satellite internet connections.- Verizon bills your more for traffic 5 GBytes per month at this time.5 GBytes should be plenty unless you video or game a lot.********** updated June, 2009 ********* - Faster (/month) than satellite surfing in areas which have broadband.

Finally, a disclaimer: I have no formal understanding of any of the intricacies of CDMA technology and therefore cannot guarantee the correctness or accuracy of this information. I cannot be held responsible for any damage or legal consequences resulting from or related to the application of this information.

If your phone’s PRL is up to date, your phone will be in the best possible position for roaming networks.

A Hands Free Activation encompasses both a Profile and a PRL update, as well as a Firmware check on most phones.

All of this information is stored directly inside the chip (unless you have a Verizon Wireless LTE phone with a SIM card), and not on any file system controlled by the OS; this is why even after a factory reset (which formats the internal flash file system) these settings persist.

It is (I believe) not possible to change the information stored on the CDMA chip from the OS itself; instead, carriers provide a special number (e.g., *228 for Verizon Wireless) that, when called, will transfer the information to the chip. Software such as CDMA Workshop, DFS, QXDM/QPST can be used to read / write information stored on a CDMA chip from a computer.

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