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This takes privilege to a whole new level of female entitlement.

It’s not that the woman doesn’t want anyone to approach her. She just doesn’t want to deal with the consequence of her high value in the sexual market-place, namely that she has to reject unsuitable prospects. And if to meet that demand, less desirable men have to foreclose any possibility of achieving dating/sexual success of their own, she feels entitled to that too.

My daughter is only 12 (soon to be 13) in the 8th grade, but she looks and acts like her older classmates and friends. We both know that I'm not smarter than an 8th grader. It's the boy stuff; it's the wearing of eyeliner and mascara; it's the parties and "hanging out". I love that my daughter speaks openly to me about "cute boys", Stars with killer abs, and "hot" booktubers. No hanging at the Grove, unchaperoned on Saturday afternoons with a group of "friends" for lunch!

I know she "shares" partly to gauge my reaction, but mainly to passively, yet aggressively, let me know that boys are interested in her and she is interested in them. In 7th grade, when it came to boys - the answer was "No". " Now, for whatever reason, I feel that 8th grade is the year when my "no" should turn to, "maybe", "I'll think about it" or even "yes." Without putting much thought into it until now, I remember that my parents allowed me to go to a 9th grade prom when I was only in the 7th grade. In fairness to my parents, "times" were different then, and kids are much more exposed now than I was in the 7th grade.

Consequently, it's hard to play "good cop/bad cop" by myself. Then, I hand over the cash and lay down my restrictions. Knowing that I've raised a really strong, confident, smart young lady, I worry little that her 8th grade "firsts" will be any more than the innocent "firsts" that I experienced: Nevertheless, I'm freaked the freak out.

I often feel like Jekyll and Hyde when answering my 8th grader's simple social engagement requests. I drop her off to school and my Sybil inner voices begin to argue.

The writer begins by examining two other words which, according to her, are similar, but subtly different in construction: “asshole”, and “jerk”.

In middle school, 8th graders are the coolest and the most respected kids on campus.The wonderful Clarisse Thorn has posted another excellent analysis of the construction of the male “creep”, this time sent to her by an unnamed correspondent.Unfortunately it’s buried in a comment on her blog, and so is unlikely to get as much attention as it deserves.And the woman acknowledges that another place, another time, another woman, might be willing to say yes. It’s like, they may be perfectly willing to get called an asshole.But they resent “creep” because that means the woman calling him a creep is saying that no woman at all would ever be interested. He ought to have known he didn’t deserve to cross out of misfit-dom, to end up in creep-dom.

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