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Chapter titles are from Avi's new (yet unreleased) EP. Finding a boy whose life was worth sparing was something Avriel had not witnessed in a long time. Avi makes sure Mitch knows his safe words every time they get rough, but Avi thoroughly enjoys Mitch's limits and loves testing the waters.

How far is Mitch willing to go for his bass lover, and how far is Avi going to push Mitch?

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An American vocalist, Avi Kaplan is best known as a member of the popular a capella group Pentatonix.

The band is invited to a party in order to celebrate their documentary being a success, but Mitch gets a special gift before the party that may just help him out. You can't do that if you stay in your room all day writing songs and playing guitar." "I can try." In which Avi is an awkward transfer student to a new college and he's having a time adjusting.

Avi falls in love with his singing, but he doesn’t have a soulmate tattoo and this boy is too perfect not to have a soulmate already, or if he doesn’t, there’s a perfect one waiting, but he wants to be friends with this little bird. But damn, such an ethereal creature deserved just another day among the living before turning into the most beautiful piece of art ever known.

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If you don't believe me, look at how they've all been slowing building their own growth, and once they go solo they all have their own stand alone experience. It'll be interesting to see who stans who after they break up.

But at the same time I don’t want to do it because duh, it’s Avi after all.

I used to check his twitter every day but now when he tweets like a crappy bot and not a real person I just get weird secondhand embarrassment looking at his profile.

His sister Esther became the tour manager for Pentatonix. Whitney High School, where he was selected as a freshman to join a chamber choir primarily made up of junior and senior students.

At the age of 15, he learned to play the guitar by himself and later began performing at Visalia coffee houses.

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